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Industrial Emergency Services, LLC Increases Response Capability by Opening an Industrial and Marine Fire Station in Geismar, Louisiana

Baton Rouge, Louisiana –  November 6, 2014  – Industrial Emergency Services, LLC (“IES”) ( announced today that the company will open a new facility in Geismar, Louisiana in December 2014. The facility will serve as the IES Geismar Industrial Fire Station, Emergency Response Training and Emergency Operations  Center. Geismar is home to a concentration of over 30 significant petrochemical, chemical and related facilities. At the request of our customers and to support the rapid growth of industrial plants in the area, including Convent and St. James Parish, IES is adding this facility to supplement its other resources in the greater…


Industrial Emergency Services (IES) Increases Industrial Emergency Response Capability on the East Coast

Baton Rouge, Louisiana –  March 3, 2014  – Industrial Emergency Services, LLC (“IES”) ( announced this week that the company has established two additional bases of operation with equipment and firefighting personnel to expand the IES foot print on the East Coast. The locations include Linwood, PA and Fort Lauderdale, FL. The bases adds to IES’s capability to respond not only for marine firefighting incidents as part of the alliance with SVITZER Salvage, but also to industrial and transportation customers such as refineries, chemical plants and rail. “This new capability not only allows IES to support our existing customers, but…


IES Enters into Second Year of LSU Sports Sponsorship

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – January 27, 2014 — Industrial Emergency Services, LLC (“IES”) announced this week that it has renewed its support of LSU athletics via its sponsorship of LSU Baseball. After going deep into the post-season last year, the Tigers enter this season ranked #9 in the nation, rounding out a Top Ten anchored by the University of Virginia, Oregon State and Indiana. The Tigers begin their conference schedule Friday, March 14th with a series at Vanderbilt before returning home to face the Georgia Bulldogs. Good Luck to the Tigers this year. And look for our IES sign down the…

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