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IES Project Group Highlights

In addition to emergency response and preplanning support, clients also come to IES for equipment upgrades that better align response equipment to the demands of typical emergency scenarios. Currently IES is modifying two (2) trailer-mounted pumps, and converting a Ford F-350 into a robust quick-attack truck. A 3,000 gpm pump project included a mechanical evaluation, upgrades of the manifolds to accommodate 2 ½ inch suction and discharge ports, and mounting the pump on a trailer with the associate D.O.T. equipment to allow the pump to function as a transportable pump in the event of an emergency. Upgrading another pump package,…


IES On Guard – Firewater Supply Backup

IES customers rely on us to provide emergency response services, as well as short term response to infrastructure failures. A chemical plant client recently contacted IES when its main water supply for firewater protection of its process units failed, and needed IES to provide backup resources to assure that fire water could be delivered in the event of a fire. IES mobilized personnel and equipment that included a large-diameter hose trailer, quick-attack truck, and portable monitors to meet the client’s fire protection needs. Surveying the situation upon arrival, IES deployed fire hose and portable fire hydrants tapping into an adjacent…


IES Safety & Response Training Programs

IES has a dedicated Training Group that provides technical and specialized training to industrial customers. Delivering over 150 training classes and facilitating over 100 drills and exercises in 2015 ranging from Confined Space Rescue to Emergency Medical Response, IES can deliver a training program that meets your specific training needs. The IES training includes: Industrial Incident Command – based off of the NIMIS Course these classes are geared specifically toward industrial sites, and each course is tailored to meet the need of the local facility. Confined Space and High Angle Rescue – unlike other offerings, IES has incorporated Confined Space…


Marine Firefighting Pumps Upgraded

Since 2012 Industrial Emergency Services (IES) has worked with Svitzer Salvage to provide marine firefighting services to its clients that are required per federal regulations (OPA 1990) to identify marine salvage and firefighting providers. In 2015 Svitzer Salvage merged with Titan Salvage to form Ardent, a global marine services company. Ardent, the newly formed entity, adopted the IES commitment of marine firefighting capabilities for its expanded client base. In service of this relationship, IES maintains five firefighting equipment caches that are aligned with marine response needs. Located in Baton Rouge, LA; White City, OR; Bakersfield, CA; Philadelphia, PA; and Fort…


IES to support TEEX Annual Industrial School

Industrial Emergency Services has committed 5 instructors to support the Annual Industrial Emergency Response School held each year in July at TEEX Training center. IES personnel include: Assistant Chief Craig Shelley and Division Chief Sue Tarantino to provide leadership in the course “Response to Storage Tank Incidents”, and Division Chief Brent Smith with the assistance of Fire Fighters Nicole Jacks and Russell Kloosterman who will support the 1081 Industrial Fire Fighter Exterior Certification. IES has provided support to the school over the last 4 years and is proud to continue its support the training efforts of our industry.

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