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Chemical Plant Protection

With the Mississippi River at its door step, Geismar Louisiana is well positioned for petrochemical facility supply chain, operations and commercial logistics. The area continues to see tremendous growth with over $20 billion in spending announced in the last few years for the Mississippi Corridor.

On the request of current and potential new customers, Industrial Emergency Services opened the Geismar Fire Station in early 2015 to support customers in the area along the Mississippi Corridor. Numerous plants rely on IES to provide supplemental emergency response to augment their site-based emergency response programs. Whether providing only an incipient response or full fire brigade, customers look to IES to provide an added layer of emergency management.

Supplement emergency response services is not a new concept – many plants across the US rely on mutual aid in the event of a large incidents. However, managers should carefully consider the capabilities and integration of third party resources. When an emergency need arises what is the scope, capability, and availability of a mutual aid group? Are they always ready for any industrial scenario? Will they provide personnel and equipment, or just personnel?

Because of minimum ER staffing requirements at petrochemical plants, personnel can only be released once off-duty relief personnel arrive, resulting in a delayed response. And of course, liability issues are a constant concern for plant managers. This points to one of the real benefits of a contracted response agreement with a company such as IES, where liability issues are well defined by contractual language.

Other benefits of a dedicated emergency support entity, such as IES include …

  1. trained personnel who understand the hazards of the client facility
  2. specialized equipment that is built and maintained to manage petrochemical emergencies
  3. meeting NFPA 1081 training criteria for industrial fire fighters, IES personnel are also trained to perform under NFAP 1005 Shoreside response criteria for marine fires.

IES is one of the few organizations that maintains a qualified marine firefighting response team with the right equipment to manage marine events on the lower Mississippi. IES is a force multiplier that provides added assurance that vital emergency assets can be obtained in a timely manner, along with knowledgeable responders that can relieve or augment onsite plant personnel with Industrial firefighting capabilities.


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