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Equipment Spotlight: IES Foam Tender

 With any given call, IES may serve multiple response roles and types. Therefore, IES develops apparatus that is robust and flexible enough to serve multiple missions in the field. IES Foam Tenders are no exception.

Built on an International 4900 chassis with a gross vehicle weight under 26,000 lbs, the vehicle can be driven by any IES fire fighter without a commercial license. Motor selection is made to supply ample power for connecting to any one of the IES high-capacity firewater pumps as a tow vehicle with a tow capacity up to a 22,000 lb. trailer. *In this configuration a Commercial drivers license is required.

IES Foam Tender is a robust and diverse platform for land and marine firefighting operations.

IES Foam Tender is a robust and diverse platform for land and marine firefighting operations.

Effective against a myriad of response profiles, the IES Foam Tender is a functional foam applications platform for flammable liquid spills or fires with 4 totes of 1×3 AR/AFFF Foam Concentrate onboard, all connected to a foam manifold that supplies either the forward mounted 1,500 gpm monitor, or an “around-the-pump proportioner” to “nurse” a municipal engine throughout foam operations onsite.

The 500-lb “high-flow” Purple-K dry chemical system onboard is an impressive resource for three-dimensional fires that can source a dual-agent master stream nozzle or two (2) dual-agent handlines to manage most three-dimensional fire events.

These units are also equipped with foam wands – a specialty double-90˚ foam nozzle that applies finished foam solution over a tank wall for seal fire suppression on petroleum storage tanks.

For marine incidents, these vehicles can support a shoreside response, or the equipment can easily be removed and loaded on a vessel of opportunity to support a water-borne operations.

When designing or purchasing an apparatus for industrial operations, the IES foam tenders are a great example of cost effective spending that results in a multi-faceted industrial and marine firefighting platform.



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