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Guard Duty … IES Protects Industrial Facilities During Downtime

Petrochemical Fire Suppression Standby

Today’s insurance and regulatory requirements will not allow facilities to suspend fire protection capabilities due to turnaround or loss of suppression systems due to repair or installation. Temporary fire protection solutions must be in place when considering a renovation, maintenance or turnaround project.

Dockside fire protection during dock maintenance project

IES provides Marine Firefighting response on and offshore as well as standby services during interruptions to firewater systems due to turnarounds or other outages.

IES was recently contracted by a Marine Terminal Operator in California to provide fire protection support during dock maintenance, which would interrupt its firewater system for several months.  IES deployed portable firewater pumps and ground monitors along with dry chemical wheeled units to support the facilities throughout their outage.

In another instance, IES provided a “drop in” fire protection solution for a petrochemical plant in Texas when it lost its firewater system due to corrosion. When mobilized, IES responded with a fire standby / response team, large diameter hose and portable fire protection equipment into the plant. The response from IES was rapid and concise, providing only the required equipment to cover the hazard and provide a degree of confidence that should an incident occur; the IES equipment would meet the needs of the facility.




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