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IES Achieves Industrial Safety Milestone

On January 11 , 2013, Industrial Emergency Services, LLC (“IES”) completed a full year of work without an OSHA recordable incident.

An “OSHA recordable” is a work-related incident that results in the prescription of medication, medical treatment beyond first aid, loss of consciousness, days away from work, restricted work or transfer to another job.

“This recognition demonstrates the ability of a diverse group of people to come together and dedicate themselves to the common goal of maintaining the Company’s core values of protecting people, the environment, and our communities while executing their wide variety of job responsibilities”, said Gracia Rosslow, President of IES.  “Working without a record-able incident for more than a year is a tremendous accomplishment that requires the active participation of every team member—especially where our growing company has employees working in refineries, on pipelines, in auto plants and other high hazard facilities across the country and abroad”, Rosslow added.

The IES team attributes their safety success to education and training, a focus on housekeeping, safety audits and, most importantly, employee engagement and determination in making their work sites safe.

IES is a leading provider of in-plant safety staffing, emergency preparedness planning and emergency response, plant turnaround safety support services, safety training, and pipeline safety services. The company provides safety services and emergency response capabilities for physical plant in excess of $10 billion and for thousands of personnel. IES has been providing its services domestically and abroad over a 13 year history for blue chip industrial customers in the refining, chemical processing, pipeline and terminal, automotive and food processing industries.          Gracia Rosslow, President, IES,LLC



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