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IES Equipment Spotlight

IES maintains a fleet of portable pumps – the newest of which is a 4,000 gpm @150 psi unit. As with most other IES units, this pump has a number of upgrades over its “as built” configuration to enhance response flexibility, performance, and safety.

For example, the operator’s control panel is located at the rear of the unit as opposed to the side. This modification moves the operator out of the vicinity of the discharge hoses – which normally operate under high pressure – keeping the operator safe in the event of a coupling failure. The control panel is also moveable, allowing the operator the work from multiple positions.

Other design features include …

  • priming drains that face downward and away from the operator’s position
  • LED lights to provide optimal scene lighting when needed
  • inspection hatches in the fuel tank are removable, allowing for inspection of the tank’s interior and removal of any objects or contaminants that may be found within the tank.
  • the fuel tank also provides adequate capacity to allow for over 12 hours of run time at full load
  • the removable cage protects the unit from “bumps and bruises” while allowing maximum access for engine or pump maintenance

The pump is designed to be used as a trailer-mounted configuration either at draft from a static water source or a pressurized water supply, or it may be removed from the trailer and loaded to a boat or barge in order to support marine events when necessary.

The trailer package is easily towed behind an IES Foam Tender, or may be moved to any location rapidly by hot shot truck.


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