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IES On Guard – Firewater Supply Backup

IES customers rely on us to provide emergency response services, as well as short term response to infrastructure failures.

A chemical plant client recently contacted IES when its main water supply for firewater protection of its process units failed, and needed IES to provide backup resources to assure that fire water could be delivered in the event of a fire.

IES mobilized personnel and equipment that included a large-diameter hose trailer, quick-attack truck, and portable monitors to meet the client’s fire protection needs. Surveying the situation upon arrival, IES deployed fire hose and portable fire hydrants tapping into an adjacent water supply in the plant in order to shuttle adequate firewater to the process area if / when needed. Two IES personnel and a quick-attack truck were kept on scene to protect the plant until the fire water system could be repaired.

IES provides its customers with this capability as part of its SEMC (Strategic Emergency Management Contract) Agreement. With this agreement in place, IES customers enjoy the peace of mind of a ready response for fire emergencies, as well as standby operations as needed.

IES supports customers with its SEMC service across the US. For example, standing guard over bulk loading and unloading of flammable and combustible liquids, IES has had equipment on standby in the Long Beach California Harbor for Marine Terminal Operations since May of 2015.


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