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IES Project Group Highlights

In addition to emergency response and preplanning support, clients also come to IES for equipment upgrades that better align response equipment to the demands of typical emergency scenarios.

Currently IES is modifying two (2) trailer-mounted pumps, and converting a Ford F-350 into a robust quick-attack truck.

  1. A 3,000 gpm pump project included a mechanical evaluation, upgrades of the manifolds to accommodate 2 ½ inch suction and discharge ports, and mounting the pump on a trailer with the associate D.O.T. equipment to allow the pump to function as a transportable pump in the event of an emergency.
  2. Upgrading another pump package, IES is replacing the existing 3,000 gpm pump unit with a 4,000 gpm pump unit to take full advantage of the onboard 500 hp diesel driver. The new 4,000 gpm pump will also be fitted with specialized seals to allow for operations in heavy sediment conditions
  3. IES is adding equipment to an F-350 chassis to deliver a cross functional vehicle that will operate as a tow vehicle for one of the pumps mentioned above, and as a quick-attack response truck.
    • IES has provided a number of customers with Quick Attack Trucks configured with monitors up to 3,000 gpm along with remote control capabilities.



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