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IES Responds to Three Storage Tank Emergencies in Seven Days

Baton Rouge, LA — In a seven day period this June, IES responded to and managed three major events for industrial customers in Louisiana.

On the evening of June 7th, IES was called out to a major industrial fire at Rain CII, where a wooden roof covering a large amount of calcined coke was ignited by lightning, collapsed and caught the coke on fire, which then burned at up to 1,200 degrees Farenheit. IES personnel were onsite that night, fighting the fire in cooperation with other responders with an IES quick attack unit, foam, rescue and command trailer and then providing around-the-clock suppression for several weeks thereafter.

The following day, IES personnel responded to a sunken tank roof at a major crude oil terminal facility, where the incident left millions of gallons of crude oil exposed to the elements and lightning strikes. IES personnel provided fire and rescue standby support while the roof was safely repaired.

Then, on June 14th, IES personnel were called to respond to a rim seal fire at a major crude oil terminal, again ignited by lightning. IES was able to supply the personnel and assets to extinguish the fire in less than 90 minutes, before the tank could suffer major damage or the underlying crude oil could ignite.

“We are glad that we were able to support our industrial clients in these situations,” said IES President Gracia Rosslow, continuing, “we pride ourselves on responding in a timely manner with superior expertise and personnel, and that can be the difference between the ability to contain an event and the alternative.” Vice-President for Domestic Operations, Alan Hunsberger added, “I’m proud of our people. Responding to this many situations in a single geography in a span of a single week is taxing, but our staff acted professionally and relentlessly to take care of the situation.”


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