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IES Safety & Response Training Programs

IES has a dedicated Training Group that provides technical and specialized training to industrial customers. Delivering over 150 training classes and facilitating over 100 drills and exercises in 2015 ranging from Confined Space Rescue to Emergency Medical Response, IES can deliver a training program that meets your specific training needs.

The IES training includes:

  • Industrial Incident Command – based off of the NIMIS Course these classes are geared specifically toward industrial sites, and each course is tailored to meet the need of the local facility.
  • Confined Space and High Angle Rescue – unlike other offerings, IES has incorporated Confined Space and High Angle Rescue into a 50-hour course that can be delivered at your location to allow your staff to utilize the tools that they have available in areas where an incident may occur. This course provides participants a complete understanding of how to:
    • identify hazards and understand the risks associated with a confined space/high angle rescue
    • packaging the patient to insure a safe transfer from the incident to the ground,
    • requirements to extricate and lower the victim to the ground safely
  • Industrial Fire Training – whether your site has a full service fire brigade or an incipient brigade, IES can provide training to your personnel that is not only cost effective, but trains your employees how to use the tools that they have onsite for response.
    • OSHA states that employees must be trained to the expectations that they have on site for response. IES Industrial Fire Training is tailored to your site and provides the student the opportunity to train on the equipment that they are expected to operate in the event of an emergency.
  • IES Fire Extinguisher Training courses utilize IES simulators, which have been used to provide training to operations and office personnel at petrochemical facilities across the U.S.
  • Emergency Medical Training – IES has experienced emergency medical instructors who can provide training in emergency medical response geared to an industrial environment. From full Emergency Medical Fire Responder (EMR) courses to refreshers and NFPA 70 CPR/Electrical Safety, IES has experienced instructors to meet your needs.
  • Industrial Hazardous Materials Response – IES can also provide hazardous materials response training to meet any level of OSHA 1910.120 requirements for your site. Whether operating at an Awareness Level or Operations Level IES instructors can tailor a course that is specific to your facility.

* Drills and exercises range from table top ICS drills to full deployment exercises.


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