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Marine Firefighting Pumps Upgraded

Since 2012 Industrial Emergency Services (IES) has worked with Svitzer Salvage to provide marine firefighting services to its clients that are required per federal regulations (OPA 1990) to identify marine salvage and firefighting providers.

In 2015 Svitzer Salvage merged with Titan Salvage to form Ardent, a global marine services company. Ardent, the newly formed entity, adopted the IES commitment of marine firefighting capabilities for its expanded client base. In service of this relationship, IES maintains five firefighting equipment caches that are aligned with marine response needs. Located in Baton Rouge, LA; White City, OR; Bakersfield, CA; Philadelphia, PA; and Fort Lauderdale, FL., all caches, except for the Bakersfield cache, include a marine firefighting pump.

As built …

These firefighting pumps are Mariflex FiFi- 750 Firefighting Units – each capable of pumping 3,250 gallons per minute (gpm) at 180 pounds per square inch (psi).  As delivered, these pumps were designed to flow only water through a large monitor affixed to the discharge side of the pump. Suction was achieved using a 12” x 16’ suction hose connected by a large flange utilizing 12 bolts with nuts to secure. The configuration as delivered limited the effectiveness and ease of operation by:

  1. Limiting our discharge configuration to one fixed monitor of 3,170 gpm’s with no capability to supply firefighting handlines.
  2. Requiring a greater commitment of staffing to attach the suction hose to the pump due to size (12”) and configuration (flange with bolts) as well as placing operations personnel near the water during hook-up, creating a safety hazard.
  3. No ability to effectively supply foam/water solution to point of fire attack.

Upgrade for use case

In order to match incident requirements and to increase the effectiveness and versatility of our operations, IES engineers developed a number of solutions to enhance the performance of these pump configurations.

To allow for foam operations, two modifications were developed:

  1. An adapter made by Cascade Fire Equipment in Medford Oregon based on IES specifications that can be installed on the monitor to allow for the attachment of a 1,500 gpm self-educting foam nozzle. This self-educting nozzle with pick up tube can be used with a foam tote placed alongside the pump to supply foam concentrate.
  2. A fitting was also designed to accommodate an around-the-pump foam proportioning system to be used with these pumps, which introduces foam concentrate into the pump creating a foam/water solution at all discharge outlets.

The discharge manifold was added to increase discharge options, namely two (2) 2 ½” gated outlets and two (2) 5” Storz connection gated outlets – allowing greater flexibility for adapting to discharge scenarios during various emergency operations.

Additionally, an adapter was made for the suction flange to allow for the quick connection of a 6” x 20’ lightweight suction hose. While decreasing the pumping capacity of the unit, this adapter delivers safer operation when connecting and deploying the suction hose. Removing the adapter and using the 12” suction provides greater intake capacity when needed. It is anticipated that for most of IES marine-based operations the 6” suction will be utilized, though both the 6” and the 12” suction hoses are carried with the unit.

Once the manifolds and adapters were completed, they were delivered to the cache locations and installed by IES personnel. The installation of these pump modifications enhances response flexibility and cost efficiency to Ardent clients.

IES / Ardent Marine Fire Pump Upgrade

Self-educting nozzle connected to monitor

IES / Arent Marine Fire Pump Upgrade

IES personnel reinstall monitor on top of new discharge manifold

IES / Ardent Marine Fire Pumps Upgrade

Original configuration of pumps. Note the lack of a discharge manifold

IES / Ardent Marine Fire Pump Upgrades

Custom made monitor adapter allows for connection of self-educting foam nozzle


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