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Rescue Standby Services: Monitor & Verify

Whether an existing facility or new construction, OSHA requires that a confined space rescue team be available when confined space work is being performed. Facility managers should always be proactive in validating internal and external (supplemental) rescue capabilities. Have you thoroughly vetted your site-bound rescue capabilities? Are they properly aligned with site contingencies? If you look outside for emergency support, have you confirmed the qualifications and capabilities of your designated resource? Will they perform as an extension of your on site safety group, or stay in the trailer until called? These may seem like simple points, but finding out the…


IES Equipment Spotlight

IES maintains a fleet of portable pumps – the newest of which is a 4,000 gpm @150 psi unit. As with most other IES units, this pump has a number of upgrades over its “as built” configuration to enhance response flexibility, performance, and safety. For example, the operator’s control panel is located at the rear of the unit as opposed to the side. This modification moves the operator out of the vicinity of the discharge hoses – which normally operate under high pressure – keeping the operator safe in the event of a coupling failure. The control panel is also…


Hampton Roads Marine Firefighting Symposium

“Industrial Emergency Services (IES) and Ardent (formerly Svitzer Salvage) again participated in the recent Hampton Roads Marine Firefighting Symposium. The two have supported the annual event since developing a program in which IES provides marine firefighting support for Ardent’s salvage efforts under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990.” This Marine Firefighting Symposium is the premier marine-focused firefighting course presented in the United States, bringing students from around the globe together to learn how to manage a marine incident and overcome challenges unique to a water-borne emergency. The experience is designed to familiarize land-based firefighters and maritime personnel with procedures necessary…


Chemical Plant Protection

With the Mississippi River at its door step, Geismar Louisiana is well positioned for petrochemical facility supply chain, operations and commercial logistics. The area continues to see tremendous growth with over $20 billion in spending announced in the last few years for the Mississippi Corridor. On the request of current and potential new customers, Industrial Emergency Services opened the Geismar Fire Station in early 2015 to support customers in the area along the Mississippi Corridor. Numerous plants rely on IES to provide supplemental emergency response to augment their site-based emergency response programs. Whether providing only an incipient response or full…


Response Equipment Specifications, Maintenance and Custom Manufacturing

IES is an emergency response company that deploys men and materiel for the purposes of gaining control over industrial fire events, and to apply manpower, tactics, foam and equipment in successful extinguishment of those incidents. This response experience is also exercised in the IES Project Group, which can provide support to customers during procurement, design, or in managing the build or modification of specialized response equipment for the industrial sector – including apparatus, portable pumps, monitor trailers, and quick attack trucks. IES can … Trouble shoot your equipment, repair or upgrade foam systems on foam engines and foam trailers to…

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