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Response Equipment Specifications, Maintenance and Custom Manufacturing

IES is an emergency response company that deploys men and materiel for the purposes of gaining control over industrial fire events, and to apply manpower, tactics, foam and equipment in successful extinguishment of those incidents.

This response experience is also exercised in the IES Project Group, which can provide support to customers during procurement, design, or in managing the build or modification of specialized response equipment for the industrial sector – including apparatus, portable pumps, monitor trailers, and quick attack trucks.

IES can …

  • Trouble shoot your equipment, repair or upgrade foam systems on foam engines and foam trailers to potentially increase the service life of your apparatus at a reasonable cost.
  • Provide consultation on new apparatus specifications to insure that facilities commission equipment that aligns with its expected hazards.
  • Perform fire water system analysis and design to help sites with their water system expansion.
  • Procure equipment at a negotiated rate for the benefit of customers.

Recent projects …

  • Reconfiguration of a skid-mounted pump with two, ½” discharge and suctions, repair its fuel tank, and to place the unit on a dual-axle trailer to support mobile flammable liquid fire response operations in a client terminal facility.
  • Procurement and commissioning of response equipment for a major petroleum terminal
  • Quick Attack trucks configured with foam tanks, water supply manifolds to accept 3,000 gpm monitors, and dry chemical units to provide dual-agent capabilities for three-dimensional fire response.
  • Rebuild of a foam system on a 3,000 gpm foam pumper, and a foam trailer for a marine terminal.




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