Inspection, Testing & Maintenance

Industrial Emergency Services, LLC provides comprehensive emergency response-related inspection, testing, and maintenance services.

The following services make up a basic regime and can be supplemented as needed:

  • Firewater main semi-annual preventative maintenance
  • Building fire detection/alarm inspections
  • Building extinguishing agent system inspection
  • Building emergency lighting and exit sign inspections
  • Fire extinguisher inspection, testing and maintenance
  • Refill / recharge of fire extinguishers, as required
  • Eyewash / safety shower inspections
  • Deluge system inspections
  • Foam system inspections
  • Air supplied respirator inspections and maintenance
  • Firewater main valve inspections
  • Foam cart and trailer inspections
  • Foam concentrate sampling
  • Fire hose cart and reel inspections
  • Mobile equipment apparatus (fire truck) inspections
  • Fire pump testing
  • Fire hose hydrostatic testing