Shared service provides full protection for a fraction of the cost

The IES Strategic Emergency Management Contract (SEMC) Program provides shared emergency preparedness and response functionality in areas with a concentration of several industrial facilities. Each facility benefits from having access to highly trained emergency personnel in this cost-effective solution. IES works with participating plants to design an optimal solution and tailor the resources to meet each plant’s needs. The fire station is managed by IES as normal while the cost is divided among participating plants.

The result is a reliably stable and predictable emergency protocol with excellent response time and effective incident control. In addition, customers frequently find even greater value from having access to IES’ expert personnel which provides preparedness training, inspection and maintenance, as well as rescue standby services to participating plants. As always, these professional services are performed in an accessible and cost-effective manner. There is no quality sacrificed within a cooperative environment, only reduced cost for participating members.

IES currently operates a regional fire station in the Baton Rouge area that services leading petroleum refiners, chemical companies and municipalities. Collectively, this station serves over 15 facilities among more than 10 shared members.