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Marine Firefighting Pumps Upgraded

Since 2012 Industrial Emergency Services (IES) has worked with Svitzer Salvage to provide marine firefighting services to its clients that are required per federal regulations (OPA 1990) to identify marine salvage and firefighting providers. In 2015 Svitzer Salvage merged with Titan Salvage to form Ardent, a global marine services company. Ardent, the newly formed entity, adopted the IES commitment of marine firefighting capabilities for its expanded client base. In service of this relationship, IES maintains five firefighting equipment caches that are aligned with marine response needs. Located in Baton Rouge, LA; White City, OR; Bakersfield, CA; Philadelphia, PA; and Fort…


IES Equipment Spotlight

IES maintains a fleet of portable pumps – the newest of which is a 4,000 gpm @150 psi unit. As with most other IES units, this pump has a number of upgrades over its “as built” configuration to enhance response flexibility, performance, and safety. For example, the operator’s control panel is located at the rear of the unit as opposed to the side. This modification moves the operator out of the vicinity of the discharge hoses – which normally operate under high pressure – keeping the operator safe in the event of a coupling failure. The control panel is also…

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